Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Free Beer Version 2.0 Release

free beer products
Free Beer -An Eco-friendly,Green Energy, Socially Committed and  tasty open source  beer -  you can even free beer recipe to produce and sell our, for recipe and etiquette under a free license (Creative Commons)

This was my second meeting with free beer product, I saw a lot of satisfied clients / users who liked the previous version of free beer that was in FrOSCamp one year back in Zurich.I was surprised at the number of people who were interested in free beer. The first event happened in Sep 2011. Some snaps from the event that I have posted in my previous blog.

Pascal Mages,Roland Studer and Daniel Reichlin - Three men army behind the free beer (free beer web site). On April 1st of 2011 the new version of free beer was released. HUB was the Release location. When I started for the event there were three things in my mind, First How the HUB looks like, Second meet the people behind free beer, third to find people to discuss the CC licensing model.
The presentation was in German, but fortunately I got a translator,Dominik Scheck from CS bank.

Daniel Reichlin the Great Brewer and the Quality Controller , his presentation was very simple and natural and I think it is nice to have a Quality Controller Job in freebeer :), lot of testing and tasting to ensure the quality of Product.

The Free Beer and Dabu Fantastic Band was a nice combination. I am planning to visit brewery on 7th of May.

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