Friday, August 26, 2011

Mikogo An Excellent Zeero Configuration Netmeeting Tool

Mikogo a cross-platform desktop sharing tool and it is free and Zeero Config Tool.We have tested in Ubuntu 10.04 Linux. Mikogo is available for Linux, Windows and Mac. There is also a web client but it lacks most of the Mikogo features so it can only be used for viewing.what we found that Mac and Windows version of Mikogo are better performance than Linux.

Mikogo can be used for web conferencing, online meetings, presentations or remote support and comes with built-in file transfer and chat features. It doesn't come with native audio conferencing but it does support it through regular phone calls.

Mikogo does not charge fees for this audio conferencing service, But it provide a list of free Phone number in few countries , please refer here for details.

What we found that , it has better quality and more secure than Microsoft tools.
Mikogo can be used for Technical or Corporate trainings, webinars , Web meetings( see a full list of features here )
Needless to say, security within Mikogo is of a high standard, with several levels of security available to protect the user’s privacy and computer data.All transmitted information during a web conference or remote support session is compressed with proprietary compression algorithms. Mikogo never sends session content in clear text, but encrypts all data using 256-bit AES encryption. ( see a full list of security list here )

Other technical details are here