Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Open Source Promotion

Linux Club is a Techno-Community, and Innovation management group which is geographically distributed and centrally managed and coordinated using Open Source Tools and Technologies.

Linux Club has two main wings. The core section, a professionally managed Company that provides services, creates Products and ideas for corporate and individual clients. The other wing of the organization functions to build Technology Clubs across the globe, driven by the tech-community.

Linux Club helps you in setting up a Techno-Club aka Linux Club. We provide all support in all meaning, even financial or space for regular meetings, providing equipments and training in the required technology

As a Technology Club, we have our own activities. Here Linux Club is experemeting with a new concept of technology business, we prefer to call it "Idea Building Space". We provide a space for Open Thinkers to shower their ideas, discuss with peers and refine them. The important aspect of technical community is the ability to express what you think. The open source model can be an important factor in innovation, but it comes with limitations. Linux Club tries to override current limitations by linking Open Thinkers with our Innovation management model along with Club activities. Successful innovation requires processes and tools that can recognize good ideas and transform them into successful projects. We conduct Distro Fests, Install Fests, Bar Camps, Seminars, Webinars and training in different places.

We mentor individual Techno-Clubs. The Club can be started for a specific technical purpose or as a Techno-Fun Club. This requires approval from Linux Club. It can be started in a school, college, or in a corporate. The major role of our Club Managers are to maintain a core-group of whiz-kids in various technology domains, these whiz-kids then become part of Center of Excellence Group of Linux Club. Anyone who has great interest in technology, high-tech devices, particularly computers + Radiowaves can join our club building activities.

The major services of Linux Club as a Company includes Engineering Services, Software Engineering and Customization, Open Source Training, Security consultancy and Solutions, Cyber Law Consultancy, Digital Animation and Designs, Project Management Consultancy and Training. We provide customised solutions in various new tech business areas.

A part of our revenue from business goes to the Human Community. We help build a strong young Techno-Driven community. We believe every child has to have an option to experiment with technology at their very young age to enable them to be passionate with technology, irrespective of the technology variant, whether it is computer or electronics. We help to transform our Whiz-kids to super kids by polishing their in-born talents at a very young age.
Linux Club is maintained by me, Biju Gopi Thilaka ( Linux Club ) aka Biju GT, a real nice guy living in India, I started coding and soldering since 1990 when I was 15 years old. Originally from sunny Trivandrum in India, I recently moved to Zurich in Switzerland.

When I was  fifteen, I created a small morse code undulator that can connect to a morce key, marking morse code onto a paper tape. This device had a narrow tape being drawn (at speed) under a pen that moved across the tape when a morse element was being received. I used an old tape recorder mechanism and few relays and a lot of small paper rolls. Making paper rolls were really time cosuming and my younger brother had spend a lot of time creating those papper rolls. Later, I modified and connected this unit to a radio receiver that could  convert morce signal from a key or a fine tuned radio morce signal to dots and dashes (and it is still working;).

During my college days I met Johny Johnas from Helsinki University of Technology that was in december 1992. I was surprised to see a different OS in his laptop and was interested to know more about it, and when I asked him about it, he said it was LINUX. That was the begining of everything. After my college, I moved into the IT world. Those days, I had a dream to start a technical club promoting GNU LINUX and that sowed the seed for LinuxClub of today.

I do transreceive radio waves anywhere anytime in between 7000 MHz and 7150 MHz.I have few Pages for Nature Photography and I like to travel around the world, tasting different cultures and customs. Seeing the miracles of man and nature.Now I have a few like mided friends and we are working for a travel documentary.

2003 onwards, I started contributing to SourceForge by starting a few projects and joining with others. unfortunatly I am not active in that space now.

My Projects
• CARE2X php Integ Hospital Info System
• DBConnect API
• dotProMan - A Remote WatchMan
• Futures Gateway Educational Tool Suite 
• Image Genie 
• Morscool
• MultiX - All in one BOX 
• Pelegrine Bulk Email Engine (PBEE)
• PHPeclipse - PHP Eclipse-Plugin